Abgusht pea can food

 Abgusht pea can food
  • Chickpea contains several minerals, vitamins and proteins including calcium starch, phosphor, iron, sodium, potassium, vegetable oil, copper and vitamins such as B1, B2 and A.
  • Laxative and strengthening lung and back.
  • Chickpea strengthens heart and is effective in removing acute and chronic infections.
  • Strengthening body skeleton and is recommended to athletes.
  • Strengthening body immunity system, anti-cough and anti-cold; and is suitable for M.S. patients.


Abgusht pea


Natural materials
۲۴-packet packing
۳۷۰ gr (۱۵-+)
Halal Mark
Best Quality
Standard badges
without preservatives
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