Pinto bean can food with mushroom

 Pinto bean can food with mushroom
  • Main ingredients of Sadegh Pinto beans, mushroom and tomato sauce can food include beans, mushroom, tomato paste, onion, vegetable liquid oil and spices.
  • Mushroom is a rich source of iron.
  • Mushroom is an excellent source of potassium and this substance helps in blood pressure reduction and lowers the risk of heart infarction
  • Mushroom is a rich source of selenium; selenium is antioxidants which protects cells against free radicals damages and lowers the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Mushroom stimulates body immunity system through improving white blood cells globules.
  • Mushroom is a strong antioxidant and contains a large amount of Ergothioneine.
  • Ergothioneine is a strong antioxidant which unlike other antioxidants it is not vanished in cooking process.
  • Taking mushroom in pregnant women’s body helps in absorbing many micronutrients.
  • Mushroom is a low calorie and cholesterol free food and water and fiber makes a large portion of it.
  • Mushroom is very useful for treating constipation because its cellulose contain helps its constitution removal.
  • The Australian physicians recommend taking mushroom to prevent vitamin D deficiency and preventing bone fracture.
  • Mushroom contains antibiotic.
  • Mushroom treats diarrhea and Dysentery.
  • Due to large fiber content, bean helps in cleaning intestine.
  • Bean contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, iron, vitamins , B6, B1 and A.
  • Bean food lowers blood cholesterol.
  • Bean food lowers high blood pressure.
  • Bean food prevents cancer especially breast cancer


pinto beans
liquid oil


Natural materials
۲۴-packet packing
۳۷۰ gr (۱۵-+)
Halal Mark
Best Quality
Standard badges
without preservatives
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