On Sadegh

Sadegh Food Products Co. with a capacity of more than 20,000 personnel for producing the types of paste, compote, non-meat canned, jam and pickle has reached to a desirable quality in a purposeful and customer-oriented process with more than half a century of experience and experts and using the latest devices and modern technology.

The products of this company trademarked by Sadegh are provided and processed using the best fruits of gardens of Khorasan Razavi province and by the modern and comparable packaging while having a good share of domestic market. This company is proud that it is well-known to present a full good package in world markets including Russia, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

This company respecting the rights of consumers and using laboratories equipped to carry out the relevant qualitative tests has been succeeded in obtaining national standards and credible international certificates on quality management including ISO10004:2012, ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005, the global Iogo HACCP and Halal. It has also obtained Standard Statue and Quality Sample Unit Statue by Food and Drug Administration in 1995-96 and Consumer Rights Statue in 1996 as an example manufacturer.

In addition to attend in the domestic exhibitions, Sadegh has activated at

the international level including Food Exhibitions of Russia (Moscow, 2015-2016), Africa (Nigeria, 2016) and South Korea Coax as the representative of Iran’s Compote and Canned Products.

We hope to achieve the significant success in industry of Iran with the increasing efforts of our colleagues and the support of respectful buyers.



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